Friday, September 14, 2012

Breaking free of the "mundane"

        Being a witch is living free of the constraints of the mundane world.  It is not to live in some magical fantasy land, but rather to realize that there is no difference between the magical and the mundane.  Magic is everywhere.  It is in everything.  It is everything.  The forces that brought this world into being, sustain it, and will one day destroy and re-create it are nothing if not magical, although in a way much deeper than what people usually mean by the word.  Words really can't describe it, and "magic" is simply the closest we can get with such a crude method of communicating.  The second you begin making a distinction between magical and mundane, you severely cripple your sorcerous capabilities.

       Take a look at the pictures below.  They are from Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro, North Carolina.  It is a christian cemetery in the middle of the bible belt, and even there you can see obelisks, solar crosses, and even triple goddess statues.  All three very magical and decidedly unchristian symbols.  Regardless of whether or not the builders of these statues meant to, they channeled and were influenced by some sort of non-human entity or entities.  It doesn't matter if you call them Gods/Goddesses, angels, demons, spirits, or whatever.  The important thing is that they exist, and they are everywhere, and in everything.  They are the true sources of our magical power. To work magic or sorcery is to be conscious of their existence and influences, and by working with them closely, communing with them, and forming relationships with them, we can learn to direct their energies and powers to a specific end.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Familiar spirit statues

These are statues from the park down the street from where I live.  Three very powerful familiar spirits.  It always amazes me how the magical pops up in the seemingly mundane places.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arachnis Deathicis

Spiders are absolutely amazing.  The second one scared the shit out of me when I first saw it!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I love mushrooms.  Not only are they amazingly effective entheogens, they are perfect examples of what it means to be a witch.  They are neither plant nor animal, and live forever between two worlds, just as the witch strives to live both in this world and the other.  Working with and meditating on the nature of mushrooms can yield up much valuable knowledge!

Dia de los Muertos

Some very beautiful altars and papel picados from a Dia de los Muertos celebration last year in downtown Greensboro, NC.

The Messenger

Hawks are known to be bearers of otherworldy messages.  This one certainly seemed to be trying to tell me something!

A chant and ritual for contacting the Otherworld

"The Leftward path of the serpent I take, deeper down with each step I make.  I trod the paths between and within, walking the way with Elphame's Kin."

Find a tree with a natural hole in it, a cave, a large standing stone, or some other site of power.  Leave offerings of bread and drink there every night for several nights, petitioning the Lord and Lady and the spirits of the land to allow you to use the place as an entrance to the otherworld.  When the night has come to do the ritual, cleanse yourself with cool water, then go to the site with a stang or staff, a candle, and offerings.  Share the offering, once again asking permission to use the site, and asking your Fetch or other personal guardian spirit to watch over and protect you on your journey.  Place the stang and candle about 8-10 feet back from the site.  Light the candle and consecrate it in the name of the bright and cunning Master.  Begin walking widdershins around the stang, repeating the chant above over and over again until you feel a shift coming on.  Lay down and allow your consciousness to flow forth from your body and into the spot you chose as your entrance. From there, allow your consciousness to sink "lower and lower."  Do not force or rush it, just let come what may.  Once done, allow your consciousness to rise back up, settling once again in your body.  Walk deosil once around the stang, extinguish the candle, and thank the spirits.